[ 1 min read ] Maybe we simply are wired to attack and ridicule people’s views, opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc. Because it’s ingrained in us. Because that’s how progress is made. I think progress would be impossible without it. And maybe we’re bound to make progress. Maybe progress doesn’t mean... Read more →

Was it for nothing?

[ 6 min read ] We want to believe that our suffering /pain wasn’t for nothing. That’s why we start charities or join various causes, or change something in our lives when someone very close to us died suddenly and unexpectedly (prematurely as we would say — we take it for granted... Read more →

Everyone of us may be dead soon. Recently I’ve been telling it myself each day. It changes how one thinks (so I’ll continue).

[ 4 min read ] Following are two messages from two high-profile figures who knew they had cancer and might die. One died just 13 days after he had published his message, the other 6 years. Message #1 I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought... Read more →


[ 2 min read ] Nobody told us that there is thing called democracy and that it’s the best. Nobody told us that there is thing called dictatorship and that it’s the worst. Nobody told us that there are some other things which are neither the best nor the worst.... Read more →