My adoptive mom a Hasidic Jew but clueless about it? | 877

[ 5 min read ] My Author Journey, Tuesday, November 14, 2017 # 877 (countdown) - Yeondoo Jung figured himself out. He’s a Korean artist who creates art inspired by ordinary people’s lives and their dreams. Through his videos and photographs he portrays a surreal and fantastical vision of the... Read more →

Complaining that you don’t get today’s world is a yet another form of entitlement.

[ 4 min read ] Something my father-in-law said this weekend when we were visiting them got me thinking about generations. Again. He said I understand this world no more. I wouldn’t do it. Of course he was referring to something someone from a younger generation did (other family member).... Read more →

Some people simply don’t know what they’re talking about. Like those who preach that passion is unimportant and that the quest for it will screw up your life.

[ 2 min read ] The only people on this planet who downplay passion or tell young people that the quest for the thing you love can ruin your life are those who A/ don’t quite get it (they erroneously believe they have found it in their lives so they... Read more →

Success principle #44. Redefine what it means to have a practical career. | 884

[ 4 min read ] My Author Journey, Friday, November 3, 2017 # 884 (countdown) - I’m sick and tired of hearing about being “practical”. How being able to earn a cozy life right out of college (or within 5–10 years from graduation) dominates in discussions about career choices in... Read more →