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The best book marketer among authors, who ever walked this earth!

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[January 3, 2018, Today I reread this post and realized that I didn't follow up on most of what was said in this post. This is a perfect example of my spectacular failure, or of me not realizing back then that writing and creating new content will always come first, and that to follow up on this commitment I would need several more hours each day. However, I guess this post was the very reason I created my Instagram account and currently I post 6-7 times a day and am very consistent, and more and more people notice it, so it's not a complete failure. Since I wrote this post things changed on my blog - the card 'book promotion strategies' is no longer available in the upper menu as it was replaced, and now, after renaming it 'book promotion' it is available from the right sidebar among other Categories I post under]

The other day I published this blog post called This book and the next 40 or 50 years of my life.

In that post I said that if it turns out that my first book (which I’m about to self-publish this week), will fail miserably sales-wise, I will refuse to give up, and I will continue to believe in myself, and in my ability to produce good content, and will write and publish next books.

Basically, what I meant was that a possible commercial failure of my first book won’t be a reason for me to quit.

Now, over the last few days, I realized two things.

It’s important (and also quite reasonable) to assume that your first book ever might not sell at all. It’s quite common for first time authors. This way your self-confidence will not be destroyed after this first experience. You will tell yourself “That’s just this brick wall almost all authors hit with their first book, and in order to pass through it I need to stick it out (write more).”

But, it is equally important to realize that if I only said this one thing to myself, I would have very little motivation to help my book succeed.

And if I as an author will fail to promote my books (take care of the marketing), then the odds that my books will sell (let alone sell well) are really small.

Usually authors who put a lot of effort into promoting their books, are way more likely to end up succeeding — their books will sell.

And authors who just put their books out and do nothing (or very little) to promote them, are way more likely to end up failing — their books won’t sell.

Sure the quality of the book matter. Sure the timing, the feel of the market, and the luck matter for authors and their books, and can mean a difference between selling millions of copies and selling zero copies.

Even when the book is great (if it’s well written and beautifully formatted), if other things don’t click (bad timing, no luck) it’s very likely that the book will not sell.

It’s because your books will not promote themselves. If you sit idly, there is no promotion. And if there is no promotion, no way your book is going to sell.

In other words, authors who wrote great books and hope it’s enough for those books to sell well, they are likely to have a rude awakening. If there is no perfect timing and luck, there is only this digital file of their great book nobody cares about. It sits on those servers and can only be found by accident.

That’s why I promised myself I’ll heavily promote my first book. And every other book I’ll write.

Each day I will dedicate a portion of my time to promotion of my books.

What will I do?

I will use my biggest strength — I will brainstorm creative / unconventional options to sell my books.

I will be unmatched at finding new, unconventional ways of promoting and selling books.

I will market them like no author before. Heck, I want to become the best author who is also the best book marketer, or put it another way, the best book marketer among authors, who ever walked this earth!

I will want to break sales records.

I will set challenges for myself (like this one).

I will stop only when I’m dead.

I will explore all avenues.

I will knock on every door.

I will work on even better freemium business models.

I will search the Internet trying to find the best new marketing strategies.

I will look at those strategies and ask myself how can they be improved.

I want my books to sell millions of copies.

And each day I will do something to move closer towards that goal.

I won’t allow a situation where my books will only occupy server space. I’m confident that they’ll be way too valuable for that.

I will blog about new, creative methods of book promotion (I’ve just created a new card on my blog where people will be able to find my posts about book promotion).


I will invite other authors (and non-authors) to help me find those new, creative solutions.

I will be obsessed by my quest to find those new, creative ways of promoting great writing.

I will share my findings with other authors.

I will do things no one ever did before.

I will do the “impossible”.

I will not limit my options by looking only at what’s tried and true.

I will inspire others to do the same.

I will have a lot of fun doing it.

I will not listen to the naysayers.

I will not be discouraged when this or that method doesn’t produce the results.

I will be as relentless and mad as James Dyson who had built over 5000 prototypes before he reinvented the vacuum cleaner.

I will do all the above, and more.

Because A/ I believe that taking 100% responsibility for the outcomes is the way to go, and B/ I believe that my books can add much value to people’s lives.

I must admit that this idea of me being this world’s leading book author-marketer scares the hell out of me. Particularly because I’m only starting.

But that’s precisely why I should and will do it.

Do I care if anyone had the same idea before (or simultaneously), and if such content already exists online?

No. The fact that I weren’t first, or that others also do it, doesn’t mean anything. I’m confident that I’ll be able to produce a lot of valuable and unique content that will benefit a lot of people.