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The road to my first self-published book

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I’ve spent the last couple of days paving the way to my long term dream of being a self-published author with dozens of titles under his belt.

The number of things I needed to take care of in those couple of days was overwhelming. Which resulted in a severe sleep deficit. In the last 48 hours I’ve had only 5 hours of sleep.

I set up my accounts on

but also on Pinterest & Instagram, where I wasn’t present.

In parallel I was working on my manuscript.

Adding. Removing. Modifying. Checking. Thinking. Conceptualizing.

Reading. Reading aloud. Editing. Proofreading.

Rereading. Rereading aloud. Reediting. Proofreading again.

Making digital files which can be read by e-readers. Converting them into other digital files which can be read by other e-readers.

Designing a cover for my book. Then designing a cover for my second book (the one I’ll publish in August this year). Going back and forth and making more designs for marketing purposes. Changing my designs, wondering which one is better and why.

Reading style guidelines. Formatting. Verifying complete digital files. Going back and forth in an effort to eliminate errors.

Making sure everything looks neat and elegant. Making sure there are no problems with opening those files and scrolling through them. Making sure the same manuscript looks equally good on various devices (big, medium-sized and small).

Reading self-publishing checklists and guides, books on self-publishing and marketing books, secrets to self-publishing success and book marketing tips on various blogs, listening to podcasts on self-publishing, author life and successful author mindset.

Looking for patterns. Trying to emulate others. Wondering what could be done better.

Developing a mindset of a self-published author who wants to play the long game. Telling myself that no matter what people will say about my first book, or whether I’ll see no or only a handful of sales despite my effort to promote it, I’ll write and self-publish more books.

Asking myself what else is there to do or learn. Doing. Learning.

Going back to my manuscript. Rereading. Rereading aloud. Reediting. Proofreading again.

Trying not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I still need to do, before I see my first book live and available for sale.

Asking myself whether it is absolutely necessary to follow every rule. Asking myself when ignoring some of the rules would be advisable. Reminding myself that I don’t need to do it from A to Z ‘by the book’ on my first go.

Thinking about possible new marketing strategies. Coming up with a few seemingly brilliant ideas. Making plans. Acting on those ideas. Putting plans to action.

Postponing the launch date (buying more time). Reminding myself that everything worth doing is worth doing well, but, at the same time, also reminding myself that speed is 10000 times more important than perfection and that losing the momentum can kill my self-publishing dream.

It was a tough time. But totally worth it.

Going after your dreams is always worth it.