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This book and the next 40 or 50 years of my life

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I’m putting finishing touches on my first book.

What if it’ll fail miserably (sales-wise)?

If it’ll fail miserably sales-wise.. it’ll fail miserably sales-wise.

I won’t fail. Nor will I be a failure.

I will continue to believe in myself, and in my ability to produce good content.

It will not mean my writing just sucks and I should give up.

It will mean my first book didn’t sell, or sold poorly. But boy, do I have a drive to write more.

It will not mean I can’t write, or I can’t sell books.

It will mean I’ve just started and hit the first brick wall. And it’s only the people who will crawl, or jump over it, or who will find an alternative route, or who will have the obstacle removed, who can achieve their goals.

It will not mean I should have stuck to being a lawyer.

It will mean I need to be patient.

It will not mean I should have listened to my mom and find myself a “real job/ career”.

It would mean I did something very real, took a risk, and had an opportunity to learn.

It will not mean I’m being delusional and need to come down to earth.

It will mean I need to stick it out, continue to believe it’s possible, and ignore the doubters and naysayers.

It will not mean I should give up on my dreams.

It will mean there is a price I need to pay, if I want to realize those dreams.


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You Have The Right Not To Make Your Parents Proud

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