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What writers can learn from car manufacturers. My approach to book writing and publishing.

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The things people make will never be perfect.

So, we shouldn’t sit on our products and ideas for too long before making them available to other people.

Car manufacturing companies are a great example of this.

Each year they premiere new models, and yet, it very often happens that a year or so after the premiere they release a model which is slightly different from the previous one (the one which they advertised as a new model).

They want that original model in the hands of people. They want to know their reaction. They want to know what those people like about it, and what they don’t like about it (the inconveniences).

They collect this feedback and tweak the original model.

That’s exactly how I want to approach book writing.

I want to make it about this connection with my readers. I believe it’s what writing should be about. Value creation, sharing that value with others, and making a connection between the writer and the reader.

I don’t want to sit on my books for I don’t know how long. I want to release the first version, collect feedback from my readers and improve, helping those people along the way.

I want to actually help my readers figure out a solution to their problems. And if my book didn’t do it, I hope they’ll reach out to me, and I’ll be able to offer them further assistance. Was something unclear? Was it not what they expected?

Whether they will do it or not is, of course, totally up to them. I invite them to do it. I will not want any additional money from them. I will want to help them.