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I’m a selling author. And it feels awesome!

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Two days ago I checked my sales reports on amazon and …


what a surprise!

Yes, it means that I’ve actually sold two copies of my first book!

The first book I’ve ever written sold, and I’m now included in the Amazon (Best) Sellers Rank.


And the best part. It wasn’t my mother, my father, my son, my wife, or my grandmother or grandfather who bought it. My mom doesn’t even have an amazon account. My father and my all grandparents are dead. My son is 10, doesn’t have an amazon account, and had he used my account I would have gotten an e-mail from amazon thanking me for my purchase. My wife had a chance to read the book before it appeared on amazon.

Other members of my family, they don’t even know I self-published my first book! I just don’t think they would be interested, so I haven’t even told them I have a book. Maybe that’s a mistake? Maybe they would be interested? And if they wouldn’t, maybe they know someone who knows someone who knows someone …? Ok, I’ll tell them about my book.

For the same reason, it wasn’t any of my friends/ acquaintances who bought this book. Neither was it my dog. Again, maybe a huge mistake on my part? Maybe they would be interested? And if they wouldn’t, maybe they know someone who knows someone who knows someone …? Ok, now I’ll tell everybody. I promise myself. Will start with the dog.

Maybe it wasn’t a mistake though. That I haven’t told all friends and family. Maybe they would have thought that they should buy it, even if they had thought the book is not for them (in order to help me start) and I would have never found out if the book was bought by someone who actually wanted to buy it.

Now I can tell them (my friends & family) There are people in this world who bought this book, and who are not my family, or friends, or acquaintances (which means they actually wanted to read it), so I’d appreciate if you could share the link (maybe such people are among your contacts).

So the message they will get will be something like Feel free to buy (or not to buy) it — buy it only if you’re really interested.

I’m so happy because of those two sales! And they happened within two weeks after the book appeared on amazon (and in other major online bookstores).

That’s such a great start! I am now officially an author who actually sold his first book (at least one copy), and to a person who actually wanted to read it.

I hope the people who bought the book liked it, or weren’t disappointed, or at least weren’t hugely disappointed. Or, if they were disappointed (or hugely disappointed), somehow they will tell me about it, so that I can write better books going forward.

Because that’s precisely what my goal is. To be a better writer with each new book. Giving my readers the best value possible. And also, to improve the quality of formatting and editing.

This current book is just a start. A gorgeous start thanks to those first sales!

Starts are messy sometimes, or even embarrassing. But we can always get better with time! You Have The Right Not To Make Your Parents Proud eBook: Lukasz Laniecki: Kindle Store