Nothing wrong about being you (On being rejected by your parents)
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Keep Calm And Let Your Child Choose A Different Belief (Religion)

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They don’t blame you for raising them in this belief.

They don’t think you fed them crap.

They don’t try to undermine your belief.

They don’t laugh at you.

They don’t ridicule your God.

They don’t tell you their belief is better.

They don’t try to be smarter than you.

They just have a different belief. That’s all.

Please understand it is not about you! It’s about them.

Not everything they do and say has to be about you. It is much safer to assume that it has nothing to do with you. I mean, why should it be about you? What motivation would all these young people have to make it about their parents?

If anything, they want to manifest that they’re different. Not that you suck shit. Got it?

Why? Why do they want to have a different belief?

Because we all have this intrinsic need to explore, which pushes us to quests to find out who we really are.

Because they are free people.