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Nothing wrong about being you (On being rejected by your parents)

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Most young people think of this rejection as a sign that they did something despicable, and that they’re bad people not wanting to adjust.

But this is bullshit. They are free people and they do nothing wrong by making their own life choices to which they are entitled.

Most young people think only about this rejection, and how bad they feel because of it, but they fail to think about the the basis for it.

Why were they rejected? Did they do something terrible? Did they offend someone? Did they infringe upon somebody else’s freedom? Did they do it to hurt their people? Did they do it to ruin the family (the relationships within this family)?

No. They did it because they are free people and have every right to make their own, autonomous life choices.

Who made it this huge problem?

Parents. They want to know that we all have the same life philosophy, because if there is a different life philosophy, what does it mean?

Does it mean they were wrong? Does it mean their children are telling them “Your life philosophy sucks shit?”

What does it mean that a family member in the next generation rejects their script?

They build those sick narratives in their heads (most parents do) and they end up feeling sad that their children don’t want to live the way they do.

Now, should you adjust (live your life the way they want) simply because they pollute their minds with those harmful narratives they themselves create?