What Makes Children Turn Out The Way They Do (And Can We As Parents Just Stop Giving A F*ck?)
Something All Parents Need To Ask Themselves

There are people in this world who make money playing video games and watching movies

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It’s not bad that you don’t know what you want to study, or that you don’t know what you’re passionate about when you’re in your late teenage years / early 20s.

Nothing bad about that.

What is bad is that you dismissed your interests (maybe a potential passion of yours) because you have this conviction (because that’s what all sorts of well-meaning adults polluted your mind with) that you can’t make money doing the things you love/ enjoy, because that’s in the realm of hobbies.

And that you need something “practical”, a job (“real / proper job”). That you can’t play video games and watch movies all the time. That you need to grow up.

That’s bullshit!

Do what you love. Do what you can’t — what they say is: not practical / just a hobby / not a “real job” / not something adult (and responsible) people do.

Screw that! This is a silly talk. And it is definitely not true in this era we live in.

Where do you find examples of people who do what they can’t?

Let me think…

Ever heard of this awesome new thing called the Internet?