Keep Calm And Let Your Child Choose A Different Belief (Religion)

This awesome new tool

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This thing we usually use only to search job postings in “our field of expertise” (where we have our college degree) or job postings which match our education and experience (or lack thereof) - in other words what we can think of without much effort. What is so obvious that I can’t even think of something more obvious.

Yes, I'm talking about the internet. This huge well of information called the Internet.

And we forget that we can also watch what people around the world do with the time they have on this planet.

Millions of things. Crazy, unbelievable, funny, exciting, adventurous, innovative, inspiring, mind-blowing, educational, philosophical, huge, tiny, revolutionary, cutting-edge, daring, human, off the wall, unheard of, never seen before.

How they use their talents (natural abilities), rather than college degrees they were pushed into, in the service of others.

How they change the world each day.

How they spread positivity.

How they don’t care what others will think about their choices.

How they choose themselves.

How they say ‘no’ to their controlling families’ expectations and plans.

How they break the rules and establish new ones.

How their novel ideas go viral.

How they build and inspire their tribes.

How they reject the conventional career building advice.

How they come up with their own definitions of ‘success’, ‘happiness’, and ‘good life’.

How they live their lives to their fullest.

How they die with a smile on their faces.