Should You Stay The Course If You Don’t Like It, Because You Have A Family?
Bad Things Will Not Happen

Very hard

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Knowing what to study / which college degree to secure for yourself isn’t that hard when you have all your family advising you what a so called “wiser” choice will be. Where you will have better prospects for a well-paying, secure job, and why the thing that you’re excited about and wish you could study is a waste of time and impractical.

Hard, very hard actually, is seeing this that this is a terrible advice.

Hard, very hard actually, is noticing how the needs and expectations of the entire family (parents in particular) beat those young adults’ needs and dreams.

Hard, very hard actually, is realizing how broken and ludicrous this script for young people is. That everyone in our society should first decide what they want to be when they grow up (in their late teenage years, or early 20s at the latest — and they have only one such chance), ideally get their college degrees, and then try it out (after having invested so much in this one career path they knew nothing about).

Maybe something else was your dream, but all those well-meaning people told you that it’s not a good choice. That it’s not practical. That you won’t make money doing it. That they don’t know anybody who would make any money doing it.

And in your late 30s / early 40s, having your steady, well-paying career, you complain that your life sucks shit.