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My Author Journey, Thursday, August 3, 2017

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This is one of my earlier photos. Taken a month before I started this diary.

It shows Nicolaus Copernicus.

The fact that I started blogging and shooting photos got me thinking.

Did Nicolaus Copernicus know what he was up to? What discovery he will make? Even more important, did he know it from the very beginning, before he began the work on his heliocentric theory?

I can’t ask him, but I guess he knew nothing about it. I mean how could he possibly know in advance what his work will lead to? It’s impossible to know such things. If it was possible, wouldn’t it be reasonable to draw the conclusion or offer your solution right from the get go and spare yourself years of work? Work that would be pointless if you already knew the end result.

He was fascinated by astronomy and something about the Ptolemaic model of the universe bothered him enough that he started to formulate his own theory.

I’m much like him. I mean I don’t compare myself to him, nor do I claim to have his genius.

I am much like him because I, like him, also

  • don’t know what years of my work will lead to,
  • have no guarantees,
  • don’t know whether I’m right or wrong,
  • make a lot of assumptions for which I have zero hard proof.

Something bothers me about the way young people think about their careers, and even more importantly, about the advice they get from all those well-meaning adults in their lives.

There was something that bothered Copernicus.

Like Copernicus, I ask a lot of questions, question the old order and offer new approaches.

I started blogging, answering questions on Quora and taking photos not knowing whether I’m good enough or whether what I’ll do will matter/ have value. Before I did any of it for the first time I did not know how it will all play out, what I’ll be capable of and what work I’ll produce.

I guesst it all started as an experiment. I did it once, enjoyed it so I did it again. And again, and again. And I continue to do it because I enjoy the process.

I guess Copernicus must have done it in the same fashion. And all artists and inventors start it the same way. They go for it because they are curious and then they get hooked.

And of course they think that they aren’t crazy. They may be viewed as crazy by others, but it doesn’t stop them. They don’t give a damn what others think about them.

Can anyone who is just starting out know in advance that his / her works of art will be one day showed in world’s most renown art galleries? Or that his / her books will sell in millions of copies? Or that his / her theories will change the way we think about the world? Or that his / her invention will revolutionize the industry?

Of course, it’s impossible to know such things in advance. They start out without guarantees and they carry on without guarantees.

Thus the creative’s only way is to do and believe.

Thus a creative pursuit is not suited for those who want guarantees, who need a certainty that years of their education and hard work will give them the conventional success in their immediate environment (status, stability and financial security).

Listening to audio.

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon (20 min, on my scribd app).


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