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Direction is the least important thing teenagers need. What they need most is patience and a new belief.

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My Author Journey, Thursday, August 10, 2017

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Second day with my new routine. A one hour long walk, each time to a different section of the city of Warsaw shooting photos of anything that interests me. Doesn’t have to be interesting to everyone. It has to enthral me.

I wonder how Vivian Maier chose the places she would visit and photograph each day. If she did it in a similar fashion, or in an entirely different fashion. If she had a map on which she would mark the sections of New York and Chicago she already visited.

I’ve been thinking about the quote from David Wojnarowicz’s diary I included in my yesterday’s diary entry where David is pondering his freedom to explore.

I always am consumed in this sense that I should be able to move where and when I desire

just need to explore things as they move my way …

just moving as chance brings me

His disregard for established rules. His unlimitedness as to what to do next. His ability to do whatever he wanted. Being only limited by the amount of money he had (mostly he had very little, just to survive another day). How he didn’t let it cripple him. How he was always able to navigate through life without knowing what the next day, or even the next hour, will bring, not being obsessed by trying to make sure that the future will not surprise him as most people who pursue conventional success would do. How he welcomed surprise (“just moving as chance brings me”). How he finished or not finished the projects he started. How he documented his life in his diary and pondered the events instead of being devastated by those, that they didn’t match his desired reality.

How he didn’t care if there were things one’s supposed to know about (as adults often instruct their kids).

He’s an amiable guy, seems to know a lot more about American media culture than I do, which is okay granted I never watch the tube at home and don’t really care a bit for any of it.

I guess that’s the true freedom.

It got me thinking about my creative process. Should I this, should I that? Will I screw it all up if I experiment too much? Will I screw it all up if I don’t listen to so called experts or advisers or people who know more about the profession than I do? Do some people really know better what I should or shouldn’t do? If so how come? That’s a ridiculous presupposition to me.

Should I care if some pro calls my work dumb or says that it isn’t good? “His photos are too dark” or “I don’t see anything original in his work” or “He makes a lot of silly rookie mistakes” or “His camera sucks”. Should I care about it all? Or should I not give a f*ck and shoot my photos the way I want, like Vincent van Gogh painted his paintings. Almost hear the laughs of some people who are reading this “He compares himself to van Gogh? Why couldn’t I? Why couldn’t I compare myself to anybody who was (is) a member of the same species I am? I wonder if Vivian Maier ever had those thoughts? Or was she free of those and could shoot her photos the way she wanted, not caring that someone would tell her “No honey. That’s not how you take photos”?


In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz (40 min; on scribd app).

Listening to audio.

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon (15 min, on my scribd app).

YouTube videos:

One episode of Casey Neistat’s vlog.

Too many people in their 20s make the same mistake when they take a new job

This Newly Discovered Dinosaur Makes T. Rex 'Look Like a Dwarf' | TIME

The all new Rolls Royce Phantom is a modern private jet for the road

Introducing Rolls-Royce Phantom

Progress on my second book. Zero editing.

Meditating: 10 minutes (before falling asleep, on Headspace). Fourth day in a row now.

My today’s answer on Quora:

Answer to We go to school for 12 years, and college for another 4 years, then lots of people work till they're age 65. This means they hardly get 15 years of time away from this system. Why do we live like this and is this what life is about, work?

Music for this writing session: Hope Street Tunnel Blues: Music for Piano By Philip Glass and Alvin Curran by Bruce Brubaker by Philip Glass (on spotify). I’m amazed by the number of his works. I’m going to read his book Words Without Music: A Memoir.

My today’s route.




Today’s last photo. Absolutely love it!


My today’s photos on flickr Warsaw August 10, 2017