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It was easier in the old times (And why we should be grateful we have the Internet nowadays)

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It was easier to stay calm in the old times when there was no Internet and when young people weren’t bombarded with all this contradictory information (about life, happiness, passion, etc.).

Back then the advice those well-meaning adults in our families offered us was the only advice there was.

And there was very little chance we could see, let alone speak to people who chose a different path in their lives. The lifestyle and life philosophy our parents (and all their close friends) had was the only thing we saw.

Sure, all those well-meaning adults in our lives, they want the best for us. In other words they have all the good intentions in the world. But it doesn’t mean they can’t feed us the worst life philosophy on earth.

They can accidentally sell us on their loser mentality.

That’s why we should be grateful we have the Internet nowadays because we no longer have to rely solely on the advice all those well-meaning members of our families offer us.

Now we are able to filter out the crap, even if they believe it’s the best advice in the world.

Easier doesn’t mean better.