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My Author Journey, Wednesday, August 9, 2017

# 956 (countdown)



What a great day! I have a new routine. Every day after my morning writing session I will take a one hour long walk to a different section of the city of Warsaw (that’s where I live and write nowadays) and will take photos of interesting places. Each time I will mark on the map where I’ve been and where I’ve taken photos.


I’m going to cover most of the city center. As soon as I’m done with one section I’ll move to the next one. As soon as I’m done here in Warsaw I’ll move to a different city. And so on and so forth.

That’s how it looks on a bigger map. With the big “circle” I marked the area that I want to cover. With smaller circles I marked the areas I covered so far.


Zoomed in to better show the current section (Old Mokotow).


For each day I will create a separate album on flickr. Like this Warsaw August 9, 2017


Sounds like my first art project. I’m excited! Something I’ve been thinking about a lot. And I’m doing it!

I love editing my photos and change the parameters like light, shadows, brightness, tonality, highlights, exposure, etc. I experimented a bit today. The photo I take is just the beginning for me. I like taking photos, but I also like (probably even more) the editing process. Incredible what transformations are possible. Unlike writing. In writing I only enjoy writing the first draft. I don’t like editing.








In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz (40 min; on scribd app).

Loved this passage about being published and heard as a writer, knowing that what you said in your book matters.

Christ, I wanna have the thing published bad. It’s important to me in a number of ways. I guess acceptance is one of them, the publishing of it being symbolic acceptance of the importance of it, that which I feel is evident.

And this, longer one, where David is pondering his freedom to explore and commitment to J.P., how he needs both (“just moving as chance brings me and at the same time being involved with one person who I feel comfortable with”):

so the problem was in explaining to Jean-Pierre that I wanted to go to dinner and possibly we would have sex, me and this English guy (Alan). It took several days to work up to the subject; in the meantime I was alternating between feelings of possibly being very wrong considering that I was involved with J.P. for this long and that it might hurt him if I was to do so. Then Then came senses of myself as a human being who needed freedom to do exactly what he desired in way of contact, sexual or otherwise …

I always am consumed in this sense that I should be able to move where and when I desire; I wouldn’t give up my relationship with J.P. for another person in the way of commitment, just need to explore things as they move my way … images of floating from room to room and bed to bed and country to country and time to time … just moving as chance brings me and at the same time being involved with one person who I feel comfortable with for a period of time, someone I can relax and be myself, allow any thoughts changes, etc., to come forth.

Okay I told Jean-Pierre and he said, You must feel free to do as you wish. Fine, now days later last night I left for Alan’s house and stopped by J.P.’s job to give him the keys to the apartment and standing there I asked him if he truly understood, I was worried he might not, that I did love him and yet this was necessary.

Listening to audio.

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon (15 min, on my scribd app). Speaking of freedom. I love how Jeff Bezos has zero regard for established rules. How those rules never limit him. How he can do whatever he wants. How he is similar in this respect to David Wojnarowicz who also didn’t care about those rules but not as a genius entrepreneur (he was far from being one), but in being an artist (he was 100% artist); being completely free, showing a disregard for all rules (and moving as chance brought him - in all things he did). How both of them won because o that.

YouTube videos:

One episode of Casey Neistat’s vlog.

One episode of Gary Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee.

Progress on my second book. Two hours’ worth of editing. Another good day!

Meditating: 10 minutes (before falling asleep, on Headspace). Third day in a row now.

My today’s answers on Quora:

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Music for this writing session: Glass Essentials: An 80th Anniversary Tribute by Philip Glass (on spotify). My new discovery Philip Glass is! Great music for writing!