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My Author Journey, Sunday, August 6, 2017

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This photo is probably stupid. I like the fork in it though.

The fork is in motion. It is moving so there is life. Some force caused it to move. Force means there is life.

The fruit salad is still. It is still life. But it is moving too as this photo was taken on a train on planet earth. The train and planet earth are moving.

The description of the photo is probably stupid. Maybe even more stupid than the photo itself.

I always wondered what caused all those great painters to represent shabby shoes, or a fruit bowl with an apple, a banana and a pear in it, or a vase with flowers in it.

I get it. It’s probably all about the tiny details which we seek out in order to be able to determine whether something can or can’t be called a masterpiece. It’s like separating wheat from chaff. But still, the majority of still life paintings, I never felt inspired by them, and I rarely find them interesting.

So I guess only painters who have a complete mastery of shadows or light in a painting for example will be noticed and the works of the vast majority of artists will go unnoticed. In other words if you paint still life, be so good they can’t ignore you.

Be so good they can’t ignore you always. In everything you do. But it’s way more important to be so good they can’t ignore you if you do the thing which was done by people a lot in the past or which is done by people a lot today. To use a different example, if you make traditional Italian pizza make sure yours is the best.

If, on the other hand, you paint still life like no one ever did, or if you tell stories no one ever told, or if your pizza is one of a kind in your town, you A/ show or give people something new, something they wouldn’t otherwise get (you introduce something new to their lives) and B/ people will take notice.

Sometimes people may not be ready for that what you are trying to offer them (Vincent van Gogh could tell you something about it) but they always take notice.

New is always interesting to people. It may scare them (it often does) but if it’s new they always want to know about it and some will be willing to try it.

If this photo is stupid it probably means I do stupid things in my life. That’s what most people would think. That’s the thought I fight in myself as I (just like most of us) soaked up this bullshit idea that I need to do practical things in life.

And what is practical in representing shabby shoes in your painting or fruit salad plus a plastic fork in your picture?

Two of my friends soaked it up and they are wasting their potential, one being an investment banker (a born stand up comic, probably too convinced that it’s not what he is supposed to do in his life, and afraid of being labelled a buffoon, maybe he doesn’t hate his job but he doesn’t like it either), and the other being a lawyer (a very talented graphic designer, but he doubts he could make a good living doing it, he is probably also convinced that he shouldn’t waste his law degree since it was a huge investment, we worked together in one law office for two years and I can tell for sure that he would prefer graphic design as his career).

The things I do nowadays (wasting my law degree in the process as most people would say) are not stupid to me. I believe in what I do and that’s what matters most to me. Other people can think what they want and say what they want.

As Jack Ma once said

Maybe I am crazy, but I’m not stupid. I know what I’m doing.

I’m definitely crazy to the majority of people because to be able to forge your own path in life you need to be crazy by most people’s measure.

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Answer to I'm almost 28, I've wasted my entire "foundation decade" and I feel it's too late to make a difference and change. I spent too much time daydreaming and being apathetic because of untreated depression. Should I just end it all?

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