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My Author Journey, Wednesday, August 2, 2017

# 962 (countdown)



Today I made an important discovery, ate sushi with my son (that’s not him in this photo), played some soccer with him, wrote, edited my second book, did some things that earn me money.

This discovery I made, it’s important for me.

If I could choose I would do nothing but writing and after I’m done for the day also taking photos. But I’m not yet a writer who can support himself with his writing (or a photographer who can make money shooting photos).

Therefore I need something besides writing and taking photos that will earn me and my family some money. I try really hard to live frugally and am careful with money, I also do my best to start making some money with my books (I have only one for the time being - my first book).

I don’t hate what I do to earn money but I don’t love it so that’s not what I like to spend my time on.

Basically I talk to people. I negotiate with them. Elderly people, middle aged people who don’t have any job, people who live on welfare their entire lives, people who struggle to make ends meet, people who are often in really bad mental condition because they see no hope for themselves and their families, but also citizens with jobs, money and well functioning families (albeit those are in the minority).

I know a lot about their lifestyles, habits, and addictions. I know their mentality. They know very little about me. They have no idea. They never ask questions. I, on the other hand, ask a lot of questions.

I try to help them. I try to convince them that cooperation is the way to go when it comes to all people’s issues and that fights never pay off.

I need to build trust as soon as possible. I’m good at it.

I don’t do much of it though. Several hours per week. Something like 5–10.

Another thing I do to earn money is some basic legal counselling for a middle-sized manufacturing company (between 1 and 5 hours per week). This I would gladly trade for being a part time barista at Starbucks, a part time teacher at school, or a part time fisherman in Croatia.

It is not much but it still pisses me off, because I need to devote my time to it as I need to earn some money before I can earn enough selling my books (writing basically).

I always remind myself that if I want their money (and if I take this money gladly) I should just as gladly perform my duties. But it still pisses me off because I could write and shoot photos in those hours.

Why am I so pissed off when I need to do other things than writing (plus occasionally shooting photos)? I think it’s because I’m convinced that I can add most value to other people’s lives through writing (and probably also inspire them with my photos).

That’s my conviction. I know people get inspired by my stories/ blog posts and answers on Quora. They write to thank me for it. They say I’ve helped them change their perspective and see things they didn’t see before. And it’s so rewarding to know that I helped even one person and that I did it through this thing I love the most - writing.

But today something clicked. I realized that I can enjoy those other activities if I combine them with shooting photos. I can shoot photos while I’m there visiting those people, like I did today.

FullSizeRender 36

I can interweave photography in it.

I always look for the silver lining in all things that seem bad at first. I’m glad I found this silver lining as it is still very important that I continue to perform those services until I make enough money with my writing.

Listening to audio.

Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant (70 min; on audible app). I’ve finished it.


Among the Believers (on Netflix) OMG! Things like this make you appreciate parts of the world where people can choose freely what they believe in and what kind of life they want.

Tricked (on Netflix) Sex trafficking in America today. And there are young people n this world who want to commit suicide because they parents don’t understand or support them. It almost makes me laugh compared to what those abused teenagers went through in their lives.

YouTube videos.

Two episodes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee.

Progress on my second book. Three hours’ worth of editing. A good day!

My today’s answer on Quora:

Answer to What would you do if your family is starting to talk about marriage and you just turned 20 without any plans for that?

Music for this writing session: Ain't Supposed To Rain by Welshly Arms (on soundcloud, on repeat). Then You Can't Stay Here (Interlude) by KoKo (on soundcloud, on repeat). Then Finale from The Kingdom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (on spotify, on repeat). Ash by Secession Studios (on spotify, on repeat). Then selected tracks by KoKo (on soundcloud, on repeat)