Here I undermine the clichés about parental love (and tell young adults how to guard their interests and dreams)

[ 4 min read ] There is one very important thing all young people should realize. The reason parents don’t care about their children’s dreams and want to force certain choices on them is always the same. They want a peace of mind and a feeling that they did their... Read more →

Magic bullets and shortcuts

[ 4 min read ] If you’re Stanford/ Harvard/ Yale/ Oxford/ Cambridge educated you are immediately a smarter person than you were before. Actually it's safe to say that you are super smart. Everyone would agree that being Stanford/ Harvard/ Yale/ Oxford/ Cambridge educated carries with itself an aura of... Read more →

Steady job, financial stability, beautiful wife / handsome husband, two kids, a dog and a dream house. How do people live like that?

[ 1 min read ] Glenn Miller’s orchestra, they were doing some gigs somewhere. They can’t land where they’re supposed to land because it’s winter, snowy night. So they have to land, like, in this field and walk to the gig. They’re dressed in their suits, ready to play. They’re... Read more →

Most parents will hate me for this! I would hate myself too if I had the same belief they have.

[ 3 min read ] Why is it that almost all parents want their children to enter “practical” professions? Because they’re selfish and care more (or only) about their own needs being satisfied, rather than their children’s needs being satisfied. They want a peace of mind, have something to brag... Read more →