People like you and I

[ 1 min read ] F*ck Homer! F*ck Wilde! F*ck Salinger! F*ck Camus! F*ck Doyle! F*ck O’Neill! F*ck Shakespeare! F*ck Dostoyevsky! F*ck Whitman! F*ck Twain! F*ck Tolstoy! F*ck Hemingway! F*ck Dickens! F*ck Austen! F*ck Fitzgerald! F*ck Faulkner! F*ck Woolf! F*ck Joyce! F*ck Cervantes! F*ck Orwell! F*ck Kafka! F*ck Poe! F*ck... Read more →

Magic bullets and shortcuts

[ 4 min read ] If you’re Stanford/ Harvard/ Yale/ Oxford/ Cambridge educated you are immediately a smarter person than you were before. Actually it's safe to say that you are super smart. Everyone would agree that being Stanford/ Harvard/ Yale/ Oxford/ Cambridge educated carries with itself an aura of... Read more →

Steady job, financial stability, beautiful wife / handsome husband, two kids, a dog and a dream house. How do people live like that?

[ 1 min read ] Glenn Miller’s orchestra, they were doing some gigs somewhere. They can’t land where they’re supposed to land because it’s winter, snowy night. So they have to land, like, in this field and walk to the gig. They’re dressed in their suits, ready to play. They’re... Read more →

Most parents will hate me for this! I would hate myself too if I had the same belief they have.

[ 3 min read ] Why is it that almost all parents want their children to enter “practical” professions? Because they’re selfish and care more (or only) about their own needs being satisfied, rather than their children’s needs being satisfied. They want a peace of mind, have something to brag... Read more →

Half of all college grads are underemployed or unemployed. 25% of minimum wage jobs are held by college grads. Any idea what went wrong?

[ 2 min read ] According to one of my antagonists whose name I’ll not mention here so that this person, a classic internet troll, will not gain any attention through my work (I believe our lives are better without those people), Half of all college grads are underemployed or... Read more →

It’s because you lack patience and / or do it the wrong way. Not because passion sucks.

[ 1 min read ] [A note about this post. Couldn’t decide which version of this post to publish so I decided to publish both versions. It’s like two slightly different photographs - they’re almost the same. Almost.] Frame 1. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a passion... Read more →

Right now I know what I should be doing. Some thoughts on the day of the release of my third book.

[ 4 min read ] Today I’ve published my third book The 44 Success Principles by an unimportant, young looking 40 year old man who doesn't care if his family has a reason to brag about him, and who thinks that getting a practical college degree is the least practical... Read more →

All this time we’ve been wrong about this. The lack of support from our family is almost never the problem.

[ 3 min read ] Frank Williams’s wife Virginia was always very supportive of him and his passion for motor racing (Frank Williams is the legendary founder of British Formula 1 team currently racing in Formula 1 as Williams Martini Racing). Her family members describe the first ten years of... Read more →