Avoid this and you will win. The #1 reason most people think that life sucks.

[ 3 min read ] Most people accept the “reality” (which in fact is a myth they’ve been sold by the older generation) that in their day-to-day people aren’t joyful and happy. That they can’t be. That people’s day-to-day is always this grey, uninteresting, unexciting, excruciating, exhausting, rather gloomy, f*cked-up... Read more →

Babying adult people is a huge mistake (and the root cause of many problems)

[ 2 min read ] Do members of other species win food for and obsess about the wellbeing and happiness of their adult offspring? No. There is this period of babying the offspring (when they’re babies) - licking them, letting them suck mother’s milk (in mammals), warding off dangers, bringing... Read more →

Most parents will hate me for this! I would hate myself too if I had the same belief they have.

[ 3 min read ] Why is it that almost all parents want their children to enter “practical” professions? Because they’re selfish and care more (or only) about their own needs being satisfied, rather than their children’s needs being satisfied. They want a peace of mind, have something to brag... Read more →

A plea to my son's elementary school teachers (how not to suck as a teacher)

[ 3 min read ] Telling children that their parents and teachers know everything best and that it’s the reason children should listen, is, of course, a very convenient strategy. It is also a tried and true strategy. It’s what teachers and parents have been telling children for years. It’s... Read more →

All this time we’ve been wrong about this. The lack of support from our family is almost never the problem.

[ 3 min read ] Frank Williams’s wife Virginia was always very supportive of him and his passion for motor racing (Frank Williams is the legendary founder of British Formula 1 team currently racing in Formula 1 as Williams Martini Racing). Her family members describe the first ten years of... Read more →

Complaining that you don’t get today’s world is a yet another form of entitlement.

[ 4 min read ] Something my father-in-law said this weekend when we were visiting them got me thinking about generations. Again. He said I understand this world no more. I wouldn’t do it. Of course he was referring to something someone from a younger generation did (other family member).... Read more →