Don’t treat them like little kids. (The #1 mistake young adults make when dealing with their controlling parents)

[ 2 min read ] Let’s say you were born as a Catholic (your parents were Catholics and raised you as a Catholic). As long as they’re Catholics they will expect that you’ll be a Catholic. That’s true in most families. They want you to be Catholic because they can’t... Read more →

A self-fulfilling prophecy. (This whole ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ nonsense!)

[ 2 min read ] This pressure is enormous in our society and it’s hard not to become anxious. This whole ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ nonsense! We ask this terrible question because our parents asked it and because everyone around asks it. This question... Read more →

You And Most Of Your High School Peers Weren’t Lost. What The Heck Happened?

[ 2 min read ] The Internet happened. It changed everything. Older generations lived without the Internet. Exchanging information, thoughts and opinions at a scale available nowadays, was something that was missing even 15 years ago. YouTube was founded in 2005. Blogs started becoming popular around the same time. More... Read more →