Special awareness (we all would hugely benefit from it, especially young adults who are being told that they shouldn’t upset adults)

[ 2 min read ] We assume that other people (our parents, children, spouses, other family members) won’t be able to handle “bad” news (oftentimes it is not bad news, it’s just unsettling news — one which poses a threat to the current “reality” / status quo) and we want to shield... Read more →

Avoid this and you will win. The #1 reason most people think that life sucks.

[ 3 min read ] Most people accept the “reality” (which in fact is a myth they’ve been sold by the older generation) that in their day-to-day people aren’t joyful and happy. That they can’t be. That people’s day-to-day is always this grey, uninteresting, unexciting, excruciating, exhausting, rather gloomy, f*cked-up... Read more →

Here I undermine the clichés about parental love (and tell young adults how to guard their interests and dreams)

[ 4 min read ] There is one very important thing all young people should realize. The reason parents don’t care about their children’s dreams and want to force certain choices on them is always the same. They want a peace of mind and a feeling that they did their... Read more →