Don’t treat them like little kids. (The #1 mistake young adults make when dealing with their controlling parents)

[ 2 min read ] Let’s say you were born as a Catholic (your parents were Catholics and raised you as a Catholic). As long as they’re Catholics they will expect that you’ll be a Catholic. That’s true in most families. They want you to be Catholic because they can’t... Read more →

A self-fulfilling prophecy. (This whole ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ nonsense!)

[ 2 min read ] This pressure is enormous in our society and it’s hard not to become anxious. This whole ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ nonsense! We ask this terrible question because our parents asked it and because everyone around asks it. This question... Read more →

Focus on what you can do! (There is always something you can do)

[ 1 min read ] Focusing solely on things we can’t do is futile. Never in the whole history of mankind focusing exclusively on things we can’t do produced any results. Not even once! Nobody who focused on impossibility alone ever did anything, let alone something remarkable. It’s only when... Read more →