I have no problem being or sounding self-congratulatory. The alternative (waiting for others to congratulate you) is much worse.

[ 3 min read ] I have noticed that some people (probably even majority — still the majority) don’t like it that people in this new era (of social media, mainly) don’t like it when others are, or sound, self-congratulatory. Obviously, the reason they don’t like it is that they had soaked... Read more →

It’s ridiculous to compare yourself as a young adult to the youth of today and say that back in your days human beings were better.

[ 2 min read ] What people who complain about next generations of people don’t realize (because it wouldn’t make them feel so good) is that they would be exactly like those young people, had they been born 20, 40, 60, or 80 years later. They would have been born... Read more →

Unless you are a prophet, finding something you’ll want to do for the rest of your life is an undoable feat.

[ 1 min read ] One needs to be a prophet to figure out something like that. Can we really know if the thing we’ll pick (at 18, as we’re supposed to pick something at this age, or at any other age) will be the thing we will want to... Read more →

The “defining time” nonsense has been around a long time. And it still gets passed down.

[ 2 min read ] If you questioned and then rejected this bullshit (although very common!) idea that there is this so called “defining time” in your life — a stage in your life which is most important, as it determines your future success, you are already successful human being. That’s what... Read more →