We always fear only our vision of what will happen, not the real thing
It’s not the avoidance of certain mistakes which will make you successful

Gaining respect at school

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Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.

At school Lukasz was very social, likeable (later even somewhat influential), and entrepreneurial. Most of his peers liked and respected him, and, accidentally, he managed to quickly gain the respect of older pupils too.

One day, when he and his peers were in their freshman year, one of the older boys attempted to attack Lukasz. When the intentions of the older boy became clear to Lukasz, terrified, he started to run towards the back of the school building. Knowing that in just a few seconds he would have nowhere else to run and feeling the breath of the older boy on his back (as he was catching up with him) Lukasz knelt with one knee on the sand covered area which was located at the back of the school building and started putting his arms over his head to cover it. At the same moment the older boy attempted to get at Lukasz and as a result he somersaulted over him and a second later was lying on his back defenceless, his bedazzled face only half meter from Lukasz’s arms. A moment later Lukasz stood up, no longer terrified after he’d seen the terror in the older boy’s eyes, and let him go away, which the boy did. The older boy’s peers saw the scene and Lukasz was never bothered by any older boy again. Lukasz figured that after seeing the “fight” they must have concluded that he knew martial arts which wasn’t true.