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The neighborhood of 1980s

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People who lived in the new neighborhood were more or less like the people who lived in the old one. No great differences between people, at least not easily discernible. In general there were still no great differences between people and their status in the society back in early 1980s. It was more like one class with more or less the same status, aspirations and goals (of course there were exceptions).

Due to events of the early 1980s however (advancement of the freedom / anti-communist attitudes and movements) the people in the new neighborhood were more free, more relaxed and more like the societies of the western Europe (but nonetheless different for they were transitioning from communism).

Basically they all shared the same life philosophy which was have a family (like normal people), have a job (like normal people), work (like normal people), have weekends when you clean the house, wash your car, visit your relatives, take a short trip, go to church (like normal people), have summer vacations (like normal people), send your kids to kindergarten and then to school (like normal people), earn some money (like normal people), save up for a new sofa, chair, bike, TV set, car, or one of the newest hi-tech gadgets (like normal people) — the personal computer or VHS player/ recorder being definitely in top ten of most people’s dream objects.