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The refrigerator and flying objects

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Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.

A couple of years after they moved to their new flat (Lukasz remembers that he was still a young boy) something happened and his father often would come home late at night, drunk, and would act out. He would yell or make a lot of noise upon returning home waking his wife and Lukasz, after which he would yell at them. What he yelled Lukasz can’t recall.

It must have turned into some kind of a routine as Lukasz recalls that his mother would hide with him in a small recess in the kitchen, right behind the refrigerator, and as soon as she noticed that her husband disappeared in one of the other rooms (his own, living room or bathroom) she would give Lukasz a sign and they would dash off, to her room and into bed. Why she would choose to hide behind the refrigerator is unclear.

Like most plans this plan would often fail and Lukasz’s father would find them hiding there, yell some more and throw objects (like a glass or something) against the wall or on the floor, never at them.

What caused this sudden change in his father’s behavior was, and is, unclear to Lukasz. A possible reason could have been the loss of his job (he worked as an architect in one of the biggest architectural firms in town which offered architectural services for existing and yet to be built hospitals - not a corporation as it was still in the communist era). The loss of that job happened towards the end of the communist era when the company was turning from a state owned to a private owned entity, and this would mean that Lukasz could have been 12 or 13 years old at that time.