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Achieving peace in places with a long history of armed conflict (just an idea)

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What if certain nations who have a long history of armed conflict (but which in essence are normal people like all of us — at least that’s what we want to believe because it’s the belief which helps promote world peace) and who can’t achieve peace because there are so many old wounds which can reopen at anytime, and new scars and wounds appear all the time, and if there is an attack from one side the other side retaliates, could swap places with other nations (groups)? This would guarantee that those new neighbors could coexist in peace (at lest at the beginning, maybe for a century or something) because there would be no history of bad deeds.

Easy? Definitely not. Possible? Maybe. Under certain conditions.

Main obstacles? People’s religious beliefs, their attachment to certain pieces of planet earth (a place which has a religious importance for people, or a land their ancestors fought for — they want those past events to make sense, it means a lot to them to be able to stay there).

And hey, why the f*ck should they go anywhere? Here is their place and they won’t go anywhere. Why the f*ck shouldn’t they be able to stay where they are and where they and their ancestors always lived [probably not exactly true, but rings true] and live like normal people?

So precisely, why might it not pan out? Because most people want everything. They want to be in shape and have a six-pack and at the same time be able to eat junk food and drink beer and avoid exercise. They want passion and be able to live their lives on their own terms and at the same time not disappoint their families. They want to go after their dreams and at the same time play it safe and avoid the possibility that they might fail. They want to be celebrities and at the same time they want a normal life, like the rest of people. In general people don’t like the idea of having to pay the price for certain things in life.

And the truth is there is no escaping it. We always pay the price one way or another. We don’t want to, but we do. For example we work in a 9–5 job our parents wanted us in, although we wanted something else (price), because we want to avoid the possibility that our family will think that we failed in life. We live in a constant state of armed conflict (price), because we want to be able to live in the same area our parents did, or we want their great sacrifice to make sense, or we believe that it’s the only place on earth where people like us can and should live (because it’s important from the religious standpoint).