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Avoid this and you will win. The #1 reason most people think that life sucks.

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Most people accept the “reality” (which in fact is a myth they’ve been sold by the older generation) that in their day-to-day people aren’t joyful and happy. That they can’t be. That people’s day-to-day is always this grey, uninteresting, unexciting, excruciating, exhausting, rather gloomy, f*cked-up part of their lives and that there are only quick moments in which they’ll be happy. When they are children and don’t have all those worries and anxieties adults have, when they get a good grade in school, when they win a game, when they fall in love with somebody, when they’re accepted into college, when they graduate, when they marry someone, when their child is born, when their child does this or that for the first time, when they get a job, when their boss pats them on their shoulder and tells them that they did a great job, when they get a raise, when they buy a new car, or a new TV set, or a new house, or a new boat, when they learn that someone from their family managed to escape death, when they go on vacation, when they meet with their friends on weekend, drink wine and chat, etc.
But they all are only fleeting moments, which are in reality few and far between, and we have to face this sad “reality” of this world that in general we aren’t happy and life sucks.

Screw this narrative! It’s bullshit. It’s the worst life philosophy ever! You can do this! It’s not mandatory to have this shitty view on life. In the grand scheme of things (I mean for our planet and the universe) it won’t matter what life philosophy you had and if you followed in the footsteps of your loved ones, so you can just as well reject this most common view on life and adopt a different mindset. The only reason you should worry is when your philosophy is dangerous for others - in that case sooner or later someone will hunt you down and eliminate you.

You don’t owe it to anybody to validate this shitty life philosophy they have and which they’re constantly trying to shove down your throat so that they can be at ease (knowing that theirs was the only reasonable life philosophy and that they did everything right — couldn’t have done it better).
Just a few thoughts after listening to my mom yesterday on the phone. It’s not her fault though. She’d been sold on this bullshit by other people when she was young (probably her parents), and all her friends had also been sold on it (probably by their parents) and so it became this myth in our society.

Pointing fingers therefore makes no sense, I guess. It just happened that someone had this idea (this revelation) and then sold others on it and it spread like wildfire. And why did it spread like wildfire? Because it is always easier to believe that adult life simply sucks and you can’t do shit about it (easier to accept this sad “reality” of this world), because doing something about it (changing your mindset) would mean that you have to reject the bullshit life philosophy all those whom you care about have and that’s something not many people want to and will be willing to do. Having a different life philosophy than your entire clan (most people in your clan) is f*cking difficult.

Avoid this shitty mindset at all cost! Know that this is only a belief in people’s heads.