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Favorite pastime

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Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.

Lukasz had a bunch of activities he liked but in elementary school soccer beat them all. He liked soccer a lot and played it very often. In spring, summer and fall he would play it with his school buddies whenever they could — after school, on weekends, during summer holidays.

His regular position was a midfielder but he also did well as a goalkeeper who moves around the field a lot seeking to frustrate the attacks of the opponents rather than wait and let them shoot at the goal, which on a small field, the size of a handball field, was quite a successful strategy.

The only field they could play on was the one they had at school. Not perfectly even, made of concrete, goals usually without nets. Nobody needed real football boots back then (like the studs they use today). You played in your regular sport shoes. Sometimes even sneakers with canvas upper and rubber toe cap (like the ones you can get from Converse nowadays) would do.

There was only one soccer academy in this part of the city, called Sparta — with its own field with natural grass, not perfectly even, with two big areas in front of each goal where there was no grass at all and which on a rainy day would turn into big spots of mud. But boys could play there for free (or almost for free). Nobody cared about the outfit back then. They wore whatever. Not many boys or girls were interested in joining the academy anyway. There were no small leagues, no domes for winter season (which usually lasted several months), and pro soccer players weren’t the super well-off people like they are today, so parents also paid no attention to this sport (unlike today).

Lukasz joined this academy but quit after only several months. Turned out playing soccer with his buddies on a concrete field on their own terms was much more fun to him than monotonous drills.