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First business

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As a 6th grader Lukasz, entirely on his own initiative, “opened a shop” and sold various candies and drinks to kids at school directly from his bag (an extra bag he would carry each day to school) and was quite successful. Sometimes kids would buy stuff with deferred payment, he kept track of it (it was a lot of fun).

Soon after however the teachers reported him to the school principal who told him and his parents that one (official, and run by a grownup) shop in school was enough and he should close his “business”. Although Lukasz and other kids would beg to differ that one shop in school was enough (Lukasz’s prices were competitive, he had better quality goods and he offered the deferred payment option, and thus many kids preferred to buy from him) he had to wind it up. The business venture lasted two, maybe three months.

Lukasz’s partner in crime was his mother who helped him set it up by providing seed capital (which wasn’t a lot — to say that it started moderately would already be an exaggeration, half a dozen lollypops, chocolate bars and drinks) and would regularly help him with supplies (she would drive him to a store where he would buy the goods using his capital). And it grew organically.

That’s how he made his first money which he could spend freely. Years later Lukasz said he realized that his mother got screwed for she never got her part, or at least reimbursed for the costs she covered, nor did she ever see the seed capital again (she never asked to be paid back).