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Fuck 'should'! You'll be happier

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The world should be a peaceful place.
Our cities should be safe and clean places. 
Human beings should be happy.
People should treat each other well.
Life shouldn’t throw obstacles at you. 
Children should listen to their parents.
Adult children should call their parents.
People should be able to make ends meet.
Art should be beautiful.
Posts on social media should be positive.
Parents should be supportive and excited about their children’s ideas.
Members of a family should support each other.
Members of a family should love each other.
Neighbors should say hello to each other.
People should like their jobs.
People shouldn’t overuse or misuse their power.
Everyone should be decent.
There should be no violence in the world.
Summers should be warm and sunny.
Winters should be snowy.
Christmas should be white.
Technology should be flawless.
Catholic priests shouldn’t think about sex.
Marriages should persevere.
Families shouldn’t fall apart.
Dogs shouldn’t shit on pavements.
People shouldn’t have bad luck.
People should love each other.
People shouldn’t go to war with each other.
People should be compassionate / empathic.
People should be patriots.
People should believe in God.
People should help those in need.
Spouses should have sex.
Spouses shouldn’t cheat on each other.
Children should get good grades.
Young people should go to college.
Bus drivers shouldn’t shut the doors when they see that someone is trying to catch that bus.
Bosses shouldn’t be assholes.
The job you have should be meaningful.
Life should have a meaning.
Dying shouldn’t be painful.
Only old people should die, but not the young.
People shouldn’t discriminate against other people.
Hard work and sacrifice should be appreciated.
All young people should have equal career opportunities.
I should know what I want to be in life / what path I will take. 
Fuck ‘should’! You’ll be happier. But also less entitled, and thus less demanding, and thus less violent.

It doesn’t mean that some of those things aren’t worthy or desirable (and that we shouldn’t try to improve on those things), or that other things aren’t despicable, or undesirable (and that we should just sit and watch / tolerate the status quo).

I’m just saying Fuck ‘should’!.