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Why do you choose to do it to yourself? Part 2. The self-fulfilling prophecy.

Great Lent resolution

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A distinctive quality that could be spotted in Lukasz from an early age was his strong will. If he told himself that he wanted to do something and when he believed that it for some reason mattered, he could do it.

One such thing must have made a great impression on Lukasz’s mother because it became a story she will probably never get bored of recounting. 
After they received one of those packages from Germany, full of fabulous sweets (chocolates, candies, gummy bears, etc.) Lukasz decided that until the the end of the Great Lent (which has just begun) he will not eat any of these.

As his parents called themselves Catholics and resolved to raise him in the Catholic faith many (probably most) of the Catholic practices were observed in Lukasz’s house.

Great Lent was and is traditionally the time when people who adhere to this religion (of which Lukasz didn’t know as a child — he thought that it was a general rule of conduct) should refrain from listening to upbeat music, playing, and eating meat and sweets. In other words, during the Great Lent people were supposed to practice self-discipline (cut down on things that give them pleasure) in the name of this particular faith.

Those rules Lukasz knew as a child were only part of the wider set of rules which governed this 40-day period preceding the Easter. But he definitely got the gist of what it was about — for him it meant living a little bit differently in this period of the year.

Although he was still mostly an illiterate child he managed to make an inventory of all the sweets that had come in this package (on a single piece of paper he drew symbols representing each variety of candy, as many of them as there were items of a particular variety), and he kept this paper inventory in the same cupboard where they would usually keep the sweets they would get from Germany.

His mother wasn’t pleased as it meant that she will also need to refrain from eating those sweets and apparently she had no intention to do so.

Lukasz didn’t eat a single candy during the whole Great Lent, whereas his mother yielded to the craving several times and each time was scolded for doing so by Lukasz’s father who knew about it.