I'd rather people scratched their heads in disbelief and called me a failure
How is a child affected by watching his parents constantly argue?

Imaginative, curious and self-reliant kid

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Lukasz was never a complete loner or a complete social animal. He was always something in between. He felt good in the company of other kids and could establish new friendships quickly, but, at the same time, he didn’t necessarily need other children to be able to stay out of boredom.

He always had some idea what he could do next. As an adult man he can’t remember a time when he would feel bored as a child. That he doesn’t remember it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, of course — it only means he doesn’t remember it.

Nonetheless it’s quite possible that as an imaginative, curious and self-reliant kid that he undoubtedly was (and quite possibly still is), he had no problem entertaining himself, even in the communist era.