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Is there, or isn't there a chosen race? (On choosing what we believe in)

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Is there, or isn’t there a chosen race? How should I know? Of course, we already know which is the safer belief for the whole humanity. But if we were to answer this question in an unbiased manner (without wanting certain things to be “truths”, because they guarantee a safer world for us and our children, or because we believe that they can bring peace)?

If we can come up with the idea that there is God and that he looks like us, and angels and heaven and hell (and it then becomes the truth so many of us believe in), why not this? Not only that, we can choose a God (religion) that suits us. Heck, we can even invent a new religion (with or without god — and we can name anything our god, our toothbrush can become our god).

As soon as we realized that we can invent things anything goes. This cannot be denied in my opinion. We see it in our day-to-day. People believe in all sorts of weird shit.

Of course if you want peace it’s better to think and preach that we’re all the same or that we’re all chosen or that none of us are chosen.

We may learn through books (which someone like us wrote), blogs, TV programs or videos on YouTube that all people are essentially the same. But what guarantee do we have that those who say it are actually right? What evidence can they provide us with? The fact is that they can provide us with zero evidence.

We read or hear about it, and because it feels like the wise or safe (definifetly preferable for the majority) concept — especially for those peace-loving, educated (civilized) people who would, quite obviously, prefer to live in peace, those people will never question the idea.

We rely on somebody else’s written or spoken word. So what is it if not a yet another assumption. We assume that this person did it right and that it is the right conclusion. Besides, more often than not we tend to accept any conclusion which comes out of the mouths of those very wise people who get asked all those questions and who appear in all those interviews etc.

But time and again we found that people before us had been wrong about certain things. Why couldn’t they be wrong now? They totally can. Maybe there is some mystery about human beings we haven’t yet discovered? We discover new things all the time.

Can’t it be that our knowledge of our species is incomplete? My take, it’s possible that we don’t know everything or that we’re wrong about certain things.

No wonder some of us question the idea that all races are equal. I mean, if you can argue that there is heaven and hell (and you have never seen or experienced it, and nobody you know has) what can stop you from believing that you are a special human being (a messiah, Batman or something even better) or that certain people are special human beings, and from telling people that they should believe what you believe?

If there is no hard evidence, like for example that there is gravity on earth, and if we let people have their beliefs which they can choose at their will (because that’s the fundamental thing about freedom and we promote the idea of being able to choose freely what anyone of us believes) how can you prevent someone from questioning and then believing something which is potentially very dangerous? We can’t. We can’t justify setting boundaries for choosing these things vs those things as far as our beliefs are concerned. We can only decide afterwards (after some seemingly ridiculous idea has been born) that it’s dangerous to the majority of people.

But isn’t thus saying that everybody is free and can choose freely what he / she will believe a complete nonsense?

We’re free to choose what we will believe but only up to the point when the idea doesn’t pose threat to others. As soon as we realize that there might be some risk involved for us (as those who are not the special breed) we will deny the person his / her freedom to choose at will what he / she wants to believe and preach to others. And you don’t need to have a movement in order to preach. It’s enough that you share your ideas with others. We all share our ideas and thoughts all the time. And quite accidentally you can inspire somebody else who will organize a movement (some new religion, some new political party) and eventually this thing can become popular and powerful and very dangerous to others.

We forget that they have chosen this sick belief because we as a society agreed that we all can believe whatever we please and we promote this freedom (we help people get rid of tyrants who tell them what they should believe). And we preach that we all can coexist regardless of our different beliefs — however weird they may appear to others, whereas the equality of all races and their ability to coexist peacefully (as a safer option for all humanity, having seen what we’ve seen) is a forgone conclusion in the civilized part of the world that craves peace and order.

Believing that there is a chosen race or that some of us are the chosen ones is basically the same as believing that there is heaven and hell, that people go to a better place after their death and that they will reunite with their loved ones, that people have souls, etc. Is it sick believing that there is a chosen race? To me it is sick (because my belief is that there isn’t such thing as a chosen race). But we’re talking about beliefs here. I have mine, you have yours, everybody has theirs. And we can decide anytime that we will believe something else.