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It’s enough

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I believe my current path is better than the previous one.
I believe it’s a better path than any other.
I believe my writing is inspirational and can help a lot of people.
I believe I can inspire a lot of people through my art.
I believe what I have (what I uncovered in the last couple of years) is unique whereas my being a litigation lawyer wasn’t that unique. I think it wasn’t unique, or that unique.

I believe my writing skills and my ability to connect the dots, think outside the box and expose the weaknesses of my opponents surpassed those of many lawyers I knew. But because I couldn’t stand the whole industry (how it operated) I think my talent for writing, connecting the dots and exposing the weaknesses of people’s thinking would be wasted if I remained a litigation lawyer. I would win many court battles, I guess, but it wouldn’t be the best use of my talents.

Well, maybe it is a little nice bullshit story I tell myself to feel good about myself and what I did and what I still do (don’t we all just love inventing those stories? we do it all the time, we justify our choices). But I believe this is actually true. And it’s enough.

Your opinion to the contrary doesn’t matter. And your conviction that it should (matter) is simply ridiculous.