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Packages from Germany

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In the communist era Poland, distinctively in the south of Poland where Lukasz and his parents lived (the region called Silesia), there was something, a phenomenon, called ‘a package from Germany’.

‘A package from Germany’ was always a delightful experience for the whole family but the main beneficiaries were usually children.

When such package arrived it was like Christmas but better. Oranges, chocolates (Milka, Ritter Sport, Toblerone, Sarotti — Lukasz’s favorite), lollypops, Haribo Gummibärchen (little gummy bears), Kinder Überraschung (Kinder Surprise), Kinder Chocolate, Lambertz Aachener Dominos (filled gingerbread in dark chocolate), Mamba, candy bars (Raider — before it became Twix in 1991, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way), Ritter Sport Rum Minis (hazelnut cream filling, sultanas, waffle pieces, rice crisps and rum), Katzenzungen (chocolate cat tongues), liquor filled chocolate kegs, marzipan, Piasten Schoko Linsen — button-shaped chocolate wrapped in a crunchy peppermint coating), TicTac hard mints, Schluckwerder Schokoladen Kränze (chocolate rings / wreaths with coloured sprinkles), coffee. Sometimes also clothes.
The packages had been sent in by family members who lived in West Germany (who moved there in the communist era), and who knew all too well that people in Poland could only dream about such things (most things being rationed and things like citrus fruits, bananas, high quality coffee, and sweets from the western world being completely unavailable or very hard to get).

The mere thought that such package has been shipped and is on its way, and will soon reach them, was something Lukasz delighted in.

Most of the sweets which people received in those packages became their favorite and they crave those even today, probably more out of nostalgia (not all German sweets are available in Poland — both markets vary significantly although there is a wide selection on both sides).