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Pater familias

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In many ways Lukasz’s father was (to his family) what the late pater familias was to a regular Roman family some 1900 years ago. Oldest living male in a household, with autocratic authority over his family (in his case a wife and an adopted child), but without power over life and death and with moderated right of punishment.

The main difference was that his was not the legal privilege — his autocratic authority over his family was based not on law but on his belief that he should hold such privilege over other members of the household.

Funnily enough, or tellingly enough, in jokes he often called himself pater familias. Lukasz liked the name a lot although he had no clue what being a pater familias meant in the era of the Roman Empire (he thought it was a funny sounding name) and the name stuck. Lukasz would often call his father (jokingly) pater familias.