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Performance at school

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Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.

Lukasz was never a top student at school. Never rewarded for any special achievement. Never won a contest. Never the one other students should look up to. Never someone other students were supposed to line up with. Just an ordinary student.

His behavior was never described as excellent in yearly reports. Usually it was acceptable or only good although it might have happened that it was very good once or twice in the whole history of his elementary school education (eight years).

His favorite school subjects were physical education, art, music, handcrafts, Polish, geography. He disliked maths and physics as those were always boring to him (rules, rules, rules, equations, equations, equations, exercises, exercises, exercises — and there was always just one good answer / solution), and as a consequence he lagged behind.

He doesn’t remember his parents being strict or very demanding about grades and overall school performance. They weren’t oblivious to that, but there was no pressure for him to perform excellent or even very well at school, be among top students, have achievements, win contests, serve as an example for other children, etc.