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Weird nickname and fun at school

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Something that baffles Lukasz still today is how on earth was it that he ended up having a nickname ‘grandpa’ in elementary school. Given that Lukasz always had a face of a child and even in his mid 30s it sometimes happened that people asked him to show them his ID when he wanted to buy a beer or a wine to check if he really was 18, it seems unreal his elementary school peers called him grandpa. Not ‘grandpa Lukasz’, just ‘grandpa’.

School was an exciting place for Lukasz. His attitude was that it was some kind of a sophisticated and definitely enlarged playground where certain things could be tested, like new boundaries, and where people shouldn’t feel bored and he took it upon himself to entertain his peers which earned him the status of a class buffoon.

His father’s inclination to joke could have triggered it in Lukasz and but it always seemed that Lukasz wanted to take things to a whole new level. Being a joker must have been not enough for Lukasz. He also wanted to be a prankster.

Two pranks which definitely stood out in his elementary school and which helped put Lukasz on the map so to speak were the following.

Being convinced that all extinguishers in schools were mere dummies (everyone assumed they were) one day Lukasz took one such extinguisher (quite a big one) went up to his colleague who sat at his desk during recess and fired the thing at this boy who a split second later was covered waist to head in a white powder. Lukasz (and all his peers) learned that what they said about extinguishers in their school was a myth (they were in perfect working order).

One day during music class their teacher (older funny woman) played some song from one of Micheal Jackson’s records and being familiar with Jackson’s stage behavior Lukasz jumped on the tables and started to imitate the King of Pop, jumping from table to table, grabbing his crotch and all. The rest of the class was shocked at first but when they noticed that the teacher actually liked the performance and even encouraged Lukasz to do some more, they all nearly pissed their pants laughing.