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How Lucassos of this world should approach looking for a day job

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Besides forgetting that he is a lawyer, getting rid of that label (although some, or rather many people will always think about him as a lawyer — because law school is where he went after high school) — I wrote about it in the previous article in this series — Lucasso should also analyze what else, apart from writing (his passion which currently does not earn him enough to pay the bills), he could do. If he wants to improve his chances to get a day job, that is.

He could do that in the same fashion he questioned being a lawyer and nothing else in this world.

The important thing for Lucasso in his current situation is adopting a new kind of mindset, different than the majority of people in this world have. The majority of people tell themselves “But I only know how to be x / how to do x”. or “But I have never done anything else.” or “But the only experience I have is in this field.” or “But I have never worked as x”.

Those are the very narratives Lucasso should avoid or free his mind from (if they already exist in his mind). If he wants to improve his chances to get a day job, that is.

Those are the narratives which successfully block people. They cripple them. Because they only studied or did this one thing in their lives they conclude that it is the only thing they might be doing. They completely overlook the possibility of acquiring new skills and thus being able to do many different things.

Will it mean that they will have to start from square one? Sure. But if you’re looking for a day job and you actually need it to pay your bills, and you want to get one, you have to be OK with having to start from square one. Why? Because it will open more doors. There will be more opportunities if you have this different mindset, this different approach to job searching. The standard, rigid mindset means you have no flexibility and your job search will be limited to very few positions.

In other words, it’s better to think of yourself as young adult without experience or special training or specific education or skills — someone who could do any job after learning it / acquiring new skills (even if you are in your 40s, graduated from college, and have years of experience, history of working in a certain field, and developed certain skills — like Lucasso), than being rigidly attached to the things you did or tried in the past, to your college education, special training, the skills you’ve already acquired. Many people in this world start jobs as rookies (without any experience, preparation, skills, history of working in that field) and they learn as they go. Lucasso and people in a situation similar to his can do that too.