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Lukasz the handyman

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Unlike his father Lukasz didn’t shy away from any job around their flat, and later house. Lukasz never saw his father doing anything more around the house than planting plants and watering the garden (after they moved to a small house with a small garden). As a matter of fact those were the only examples of physical work which Lukasz’s father would engage in on a regular basis. The rest of the household chores did Lukasz’s mother and later also Lukasz (he was always very eager to help her, which meant that he was learning a lot).

The biggest project involving the application of physical work Lukasz’s father ever did was cutting the steel gear lock which locked the vehicle in gear and prevented the theft. He didn’t plan it — it was a necessity. The three of them were driving through Europe in their white VW Golf II. Lukasz was 14 or 15 years old at that time. On a second or third day of their trip they stopped in a motel in Austria for one night. They took the luggage out of the trunk, put the gear lock on and shut the door. The next morning they realized that the key to the gear lock is missing and the only way to continue the trip was when they cut the gear lock with a metal cutting hand saw. It took Lukasz’s father several hours to cut the thing. He put the same amount of energy into swearing and cursing Lukasz (he was sure he had lost the key) as he did into using the saw.

Always willing to take up new challenges and learn new things Lukasz had perfect conditions to learn new skills. One thing is still a mystery to Lukasz though. Was it his father’s aversion to this kind of activity or his method of letting Lukasz learn those things by himself?