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On being fully human

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We don’t need to do anything to be fully human. We are always fully human. There is no “if we want to be fully human”. There is no condition which needs to be fulfilled for us to become fully human.
We can’t do anything which will turn us into non-humans. Into beasts.
Whatever it is we did, we did it as humans. We had not turned into some other species or form prior to committing whatever it is we committed. We committed it as human beings. And because we committed it it was also human. We acted like human beings when we were committing this thing which we are not proud of now (for which we’re now hating ourselves).

Soldiers often relate that during their mission something happened (they saw something) and they were human beings again. It’s nonsense!

Something happened and they were able to cool down and see themselves doing all those things and it led to them reconsidering their behavior. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are 100% human beings all the time. They don’t want to accept that (because we’ve been taught by our parents, teachers and religious leaders that there are certain things we as human beings shouldn’t do (or even don’t do)— kill innocent people for example, or kill people in general, and we like to believe that we as human beings always manage to live up to a certain, higher standard of behavior).

We tell ourselves that for a short while we were not a human being. We do it (tell ourselves it) to justify ourselves. It’s like saying I know I shouldn’t have done that. I know it was bad. But I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t a human being.

Why? Because we’ve come to believe some fairy tale about human beings always being able to reconsider. That’s not true! If human beings were sent on a mission and they weren’t able to cool down and reconsider what they’re doing it means that we human beings act like that. Sometimes we manage to compose ourselves and reconsider and sometimes we fail to do that.

The truth is we are capable of doing horrible things to other human beings. We are totally capable of doing it. Of course, we were pissed, couldn’t control our behavior, our instinct got the best of us, or there is some malfunction in our brain, but we never ceased to be a human being. Human beings get pissed sometimes and thus can’t control their behavior, or their instincts sometimes get the best of them, or sometimes there is some malfunction (in their brain).

We may not feel good about it, but why fool ourselves?

It’s our wishful thinking again. And our conviction that our species is somewhat special. That we can’t be beasts. That we can’t act like beasts. It’s just a fairy tale.