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People who believe it’s about being the first couldn’t be more wrong

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Maybe someone before me thought or wrote about it, and to some I’m just an ignorant guy not to know the name of the thinker who said this or that, and thus I’m merely restating something that has been said before, instead of telling people (if I absolutely must open my mouth) that such and such a person said something similar / to the same effect 2435 or 117 years ago.

What’s the point of blogging about it when it’s been said in the past? All you need to do is take this book or that pamphlet. What’s the point reinventing the wheel?, they’ll say to me.

My question: is it really that bad that I took time to ponder, ask some pretty darn good questions, used my brain in a different way than merely to memorize the “obvious truths” and the names of those who revealed those truths to us?

What’s the point? We already have such and such — he/ she did that / said that / thought about that. Oh, this person isn’t saying anything new. to me are idiotic statements.

So what? Does it mean that after them nobody should be able to do it? Should it cripple me that we have some old pamphlet and certain things are in it? Why shouldn’t I be able to ponder and say similar things? Do I owe it to certain people to quote them, instead of saying certain things the way I would do it? What great tragedy will befall the human race or even the entire world if I don’t do it the way certain people think it should be done? What cosmic force will be greatly upset by he fact that I too spent time on something and ignored the preferences of a bunch of narrow-minded people?

That certain narrow-minded people who have their expectations and believe that all people should work hard to validate their idea of what people should be doing with their time and what makes sense and what doesn’t will be upset? Why should I care that they will be upset? Will they ever care about my being upset because something didn’t happen the way I thought it should have happened?