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The greatest mistake Lucasso could have made but didn’t

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The greatest mistake Lucasso could have made but didn’t was to be too picky and too narrow in his job search. This mistake would have led (and for many people often does lead) to prolonged unemployment / prolonged period without any source of income. And when you are looking for a job, anything is better than zero — which means that one should zero in on finding and starting something ASAP. Anything. Having something does not mean you cannot continue the search. It means you’ll be more at ease when searching. You won’t feel so much pressure.

In other words, Lucasso could have imposed unnecessary limitations upon himself and missed out on some good / reasonable opportunities for a paid work.

So often people zero in on a handful of things they might do (something they had initially come up with) and they overlook other possibilities. They have certain aspirations (they aim at something specific — for Lucasso it would be a job at a Starbucks store, working for Gary Vaynerchuk, some cooperation with other creatives, writing articles for an online publication which pays its contributors) and they choose to wait for that job which will match their aspirations. If anything they only slightly broaden that search (look for similar job opportunities).

Meanwhile nothing, besides those self-imposed limitations / beliefs, prevents them from starting something ASAP. To be able to do it however they can’t wait for this ideal.

Instead of thinking about it as just a trial (exploring every avenue without those unnecessary assumptions) many people obsess about the fact that they will end up doing something they didn’t want or plan. So what? So what that they will end up doing something they didn’t want or plan? They will still be able to switch to something else.

Had he let his assumptions become the basis for rejecting the jobs / gigs which were outside his focus (his aspiration), it would have probably been way longer until Lucasso could start earning some money. Especially if we consider that classic recruitment processes usually take a lot of time.

To be continued (tomorrow).