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How Lucassos of this world should approach looking for a day job

What it means to be a human being (the greatest thinking errors of our species)

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The conclusion that we as people are losing our human being traits and the argument that we need to do something in order to avert this loss, which will allow us to go back to being human beings again is so ridiculous to me.

Those who say it completely ignore the evolution of everything.

We evolve and expecting that certain human being characteristics or habits or behaviors which are desirable (because we have come to view them as being essential to being a human being and they help us stay human beings — the majority concluded that those characteristics, habits or behaviors, they move things in the “right” direction, in the direction that is the right direction for the humanity) will remain unchanged, and that certain other human being characteristics or habits or behaviors will not remain the same, i.e. will change with time (because a change would be welcome and essential for our situation, and for the condition of our environment, to improve, the majority concluded — such change would move things in the “right” direction, in the direction that is the right direction for the humanity, according to our conviction) is a lunacy.

I mean our tendency to think / assume that everything in this world should move in the direction that will guarantee that our species will survive (because we’re so f*cking special and we should survive, and if we won’t it will be our fault — this kind of nonsense) is unwarranted.

Woolly Mammoths are extinct. Bucardos are extinct. Tasmanian tigers are extinct. Saber-Toothed cats are extinct. The great auks are extinct. Why the hell we couldn’t join them? Besides the fairy tales we tell ourselves about our special status and role among all species, among all living and nonliving organisms, among all parts of the universe, what makes us entitled never to become extinct as species?

Heck, entire planets can disappear! And we think that we couldn’t (that if we did it would mean that we screwed up)? Really? I mean, really? Are we nuts?! Aren’t we a bunch of lunatics and entitled assholes? But it probably also isn’t our fault that we tell ourselves and believe those fairy tales.

And oh, by the way, since we’d driven certain species to extinction in the past and since we continue to drive certain species to extinction (we link their extinction to our actions), don’t we deserve to vanish too (from the fairness standpoint)?

Thus an argument that we should re-humanize our lives is ridiculous to me. It stems from our wishful thinking, nothing else. This process of re-humanization has at its foundation the erroneous assumption (wishful thinking) that there are certain characteristics, habits and behaviors of our species and certain values which we deemed important for our survival and good condition and that we should strive to protect those (because only then we will be able to stop our march in the direction which clearly is the wrong direction — we assumed it is the wrong direction although we don’t really know if it actually is the wrong direction (what can we say about the future and the future of our species, really?)

Plus we believe that we are supposed and entitled to always be moving only in the right direction — the direction which we deemed the right direction without really knowing where it will lead us, and thus without being able to assess properly whether it will really be the right or wrong direction for us (without having factored in that change is permanent and thus we can’t hope that we will be able to arrive at some ideal, or rather something which we erroneously mistook for an ideal, and then stop).

We believe so because we (one generation or two generations of people) got accustomed to certain reality of the world (our reality) — certain standards, in our relationships, in our behavior, etc., which we then usually end up considering as superior to that what is coming (to the new), sacrosanct standards which are now being destroyed by younger generations of clearly irresponsible human beings. And we lament and talk about de-humanization of our species (and the urging need to re-humanize it), because things no longer are the way they used to be — yesterday’s standards are being replaced with today’s standards.

But are there really any inviolable norms / standards in the ever-evolving world, which, by the way, quite probably doesn’t care at all if we as species will die out?