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We mistake affinity for love. Unlike affinity love is challenging.

A flawed creation cannot exist without a flawless one (on making art and living life).

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Masterpieces exist only in our imaginations. You see a masterpiece (probably because people before you called it a masterpiece — it’s assumed that everyone will see a masterpiece, and those who don’t see a masterpiece are called weird) and you would be surprised if you knew how the author (artist) sees (saw) it. There is a good chance he or she would name several things that are wrong with it.

If so, maybe all works of art (all creations) are perfect in some sense? I guess they can be. It depends on the definitions of such words as ‘perfect’, ‘flaw’, ‘mistake’. Oftentimes mistakes lead to discoveries. Can we thus call them ‘mistakes’? Should we call them mistakes only if accidentally they didn’t lead to a discovery (and what if the lack of discovery is our fault — what if we can’t see it)?

A flawed creation cannot exist without a flawless one. Who decides what a flawless creation is? We do. How do we know it’s flawless? We’ve been taught, brainwashed, that certain things need to look a certain way or be done a certain way. We follow some pattern of thinking and behaving. Like in a car factory where following instructions and keeping things in line with the guidelines and norms shall guarantee a certain level of safety of car users. We have a script and we follow it. That’s why it’s super easy to tell what went wrong, where a mistake has been done.

Unfortunately that’s also how most people distinguish art from non-art. They know, have been taught, brainwashed, what art is and isn’t and they use this knowledge to distinguish art from non-art. They use a certain thing (model) which becomes their yardstick.

Don’t we treat our lives the same way?

What if we threw away the yardstick? We would see art where we can’t see it now. And equally we would realize that it’s possible (and OK) to live life differently, be different. That our lives are not flawed lives simply because we failed to behave like the majority.

Anything that makes people say “this is not art” is 100% art. It challenged their longstanding beliefs and it’s enough, in my opinion, to call it art.