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On the meaninglessness of critic reviews

Can’t we stop? It’s ludicrous!

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In his book Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934–1941 the radio broadcaster and journalist William Shirer wrote:

At the six p.m. press conference we were given another dose of the weekly German news-reel. Again the ruined towns, the dead humans, the putrefying horses’ carcasses. One shot showed the charred remains of a British pilot amid the wreckage of his burnt plane. Most Germans there seemed to get a sadistic pleasure from these pictures of death and destruction. A few I know, however, didn’t. A few react still like human beings.


In reality all of them reacted like human beings. Saying that a few reacted still like human beings is a wishful thinking. A lie almost all of us perpetuate by using dumb clichés (probably because we don’t want to upset our ancestors by dropping them).

Or because we naively think that our having a favorable view of ourselves will be enough to change who we really are as human beings. That by repeating some dumb cliché we will be able to change that.

This is one of the most vivid examples of our (human beings’) biased and favorable view of ourselves. How we tell ourselves nice stories about ourselves in order to feel better. But it’s nothing but bullshit! A fairy tale about super species called human beings.

This biased and favorable view of ourselves is not enough to change who we really are as human beings. It will never be enough.