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I can live like that

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I’m constantly being told by certain people who are close to me (my mother being just one of them) that I can’t live the way I do. But the truth is I can. And I do. And I will.

It’s possible.

It’s not the way they lived (or live) their lives, or what they saw or see in most people and that’s why they’re so worried.

They think I’m screwing it all up by not being like the majority of people.
They think so many people can’t be wrong. I must be wrong then.

But the truth is that the only place where I am screwing it all up are their heads. Heads which are filled with anxiety and insecurity with which they want to infect me because they believe that that’s the job of responsible people — their job. Heads which soaked up and are still soaking up certain patterns of behaviour and treat those as the only option.

Why shouldn’t I have the liberty to live my life differently?
Why should I assume that theirs is the best?
Why should I assume that I have no other choice?
Did I sign something? Like an agreement or a letter of intent?
Did I vow?
Do I owe it to anybody to dedicate my life to the idea of validating someone else’s view on life (this person’s life philosophy) and emulating them?