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Mossberg 590A1 shotgun vs. Resistance

[ 3 min read ]

I want to grab a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun and fire it at Resistance. I want to see how it flies several feet backwards after being hit, like they do in movies. I want that sucker to die immediately. No mercy. Or even better, I want to grab that hell of a shotgun Tommy Lee Jones used in Men in Black. Maybe Resistance will behave like those aliens in MIB and splash all over the place upon being hit. That would be something, seeing this damn thing splashed on the walls or on a pavement. Incapacitated. Done away with.

I don’t hate people who put me down, don’t believe in me or ridicule my efforts. I hate that the Resistance is using them in order to get at me. They’re hosts. Resistance is the evil force, not them. I shouldn’t fight them. I should fight the force. They’re innocent. They have no f*cking idea. They’re being used by it (this force) because I chose to swim against the current.

So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised or disappointed for it comes with the territory. Those who chose to swim against the current will meet the Resistance. It will appear in many different forms in their lives, it will speak to them through various people. And it will have one goal — try to talk them out of the things they want to do.

Resistance’s maniacal focus is on talking people out of whatever they decided they want to try in life. Always dressed as a reasonable adult from your circle (someone we know very well), or a controlling parent, or an entitled spouse, or even as your child, teenager, or young adult who is telling you that you owe it to her or him to be a “normal” parent. Always ready to deliver a punch. Always on a lookout for your weak spots.

Punching or neutralizing those who are being used by Resistance doesn’t make sense at all, I guess. Neither does killing them. If that’s our goal it means we don’t understand Resistance. We don’t realize what kind of force we’re dealing with. We underestimate it. It can’t be defeated that way. It will live on and try to get at us in a completely new way. Its shrewdness will allow it to surprise us time and again.

If we don’t understand that we’re fighting a force, not people, we’ll lose to it.

I wish it could be done away with with the help of one of those powerful shotguns, but unfortunately that’ll never work. We will never be able to see it. We will see only those who are being used by it (the innocent people who are its hosts).

For us to have a chance of winning, this fight needs to be fought inside our heads, not in the physical realm. We need to fight the thoughts with which Resistance is trying to pollute our minds, not the people which it uses for its purposes.

*The Resistance (with capital R) as defined by Steven Pressfield in his book The war of art. This force that is trying to stop you from doing, this universal force that has one sole mission: to keep things as they are.