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On adult behavior

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There is no condition which needs to be fulfilled for us to become adults. We are adults regardless of how we act. The expectation that we should behave a certain way to be considered adults is ridiculous.

The definition of an adult doesn’t tell people exactly how they should behave and if we believe that there is such definition it is still not enough. It’s only our definition. We have no right to impose it on others.

We can agree on the age that marks the beginning of legal adulthood. But a certain behavior? It’s a mistake to think that we have the right to tell people what behavior can and what behavior can’t be attributed to an adult human being.

We can agree on what the norm is in our culture (what behavior is welcome / expected by adult people, what is the behavior we as adults are eager to approve of / what are the things which we feel comfortable with, because we do them) and that’s it. What we can’t (shouldn’t) do is tell people what to do in order to be adults. Because there is no right or wrong (appropriate vs. inappropriate).

We can come up with certain description of what behavior constitutes adult behavior (how “normal adults” behave) but it will be only our biased, unwarranted opinion, based on some rules of the society, nothing else.